Mission Statement

For over ten years now, CCC, located in Roswell, Georgia in Atlanta’s northern suburbs, has strived to find low mileage, original, rust-free, affordable collector vehicles throughout the country and offer them at reasonable prices to collectors, hobbyists and old car buyers all over the world. We are a licensed Georgia Used Car Dealer and a member of the Georgia Independent Auto Dealers Association and the National Independent Auto Dealers Association. Our good reputation is essential to our success and because we are a licensed dealer you won’t see us cut corners or misrepresent our vehicles. We do not buy modified vehicles; preferring to focus on unrestored, correctly refurbished or properly restored original specification vehicles. This allows us to source parts and make repairs without the extensive research required to decipher mis-matched engines and components found in street rods and modified vehicles.

CCC inspects its vehicles and repairs or replaces parts and components as needed, always striving to maintain originality and authenticity. Any restoration work required is done as authentically as possible. We have our own high quality body shop and extensive care is taken to accurately refinish our cars in proper colors and finishes. A local trim shop works closely with us to properly install the best reproduction and NOS interior and top materials. The vehicles we acquire are specifically selected for their originality and excellent overall condition. We know that if we start with the best car we can find, our restoration costs will be less and the end result will be a much better vehicle.

CCC owns all of its vehicles and will not accept consignments. This forces us to become intimately familiar with each of our vehicles, helps us maintain a manageable inventory, allows us to offer reasonably priced vehicles without the typical excessive consignment mark-up, and greatly simplifies your purchasing process by eliminating the middleman. Our prices are realistic, determined by market conditions and can be easily validated through any old car price guide. Our focus is to offer the very best collector cars available in the $10,000 to $25,000 price range, providing new or used car alternatives to wide group of potential buyers. By targeting this price range, we believe we can make it possible for a new generation of car enthusiasts to drive their dream! We do offer a select few of more expensive cars to answer the needs that have been identified by our growing customer base. But, we are not just a muscle car or a niche dealer…we offer a wide variety of cars and trucks from the 1930s through the 1970s, with a key difference... ours are always stock, unmodified vehicles.

CCC is also a Coker antique tire dealer offering Firestone, B F Goodrich, and US Royal collector car tires. We also offer correct reproduction batteries from Restoration Battery Supply and Quanta reproduction gas tanks for many older vehicles. These are components we often need for our own cars, so it only makes sense for us to offer them to our customers as well. We also provide appraisals for insurance and estate evaluations for our diverse customer base.

About Us

Jim Gebhardt, our president and general manager has been a dedicated car collector for over 40 years. His personal collection of 65 1935 through 1969 Chevrolets and other fine cars is one of the most unique in the country. Jim frequently travels with briefcase and computer in hand, searching shows, museums, estates, personal collections, garages and barns running down leads to find the kind of quality, rare, original cars we would all be proud to own. Many of our cars come from California, an area rich in car culture that provides excellent environmental conditions for the preservation of our dream cars! It should be noted that we do not buy or sell cars in auctions of any kind. Our experience, and the experiences of several of our customers have convinced us that the “land of the 5 minute car” is a venue for old car sales transactions that is not a good fit for our dealership. Please call us to learn more about our car business, or if you need help finding a specific car or part…maybe we can help! We only work half days…..we are here from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays. We look forward to talking with you!

Contact us:
Phone: 770 992 8801
Fax: 770 992 0393
Email: sales@californiacarco.com

We are located across from Andretti Speed Lab (MAP)

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