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So you think you have found the car of your dreams on the internet? In a national publication? At an auction? I just can’t tell you how many times I have had the same feeling! But the only way you are really going to know that this is the right car or truck for you is for you to see it, touch it, drive it and get to know it. We discourage all of our potential buyers from buying “sight unseen”: it’s just good business….and good common sense to see what you are buying in person. We see at least one car enthusiast a week who bought a car or truck sight-unseen off the internet, from a national print publication, or from an auction that just was not remotely close to what it was advertised to be. These days, you not only need to see it, but in the case of auction cars, you better have an expert with you too! It is sad to see the current economic situation has created such a group of people whose primary goal is to extract every possible dollar from potential buyers through mis-representation, shoddy work and sensationalism. You owe it to yourself to be armed with knowledge not only about the car you hope to buy, but also about the person you are buying it from! Today’s technology allows you to quickly research the facilities the car visited for repair work and also to research the histore of the car.  Knowing this infomation will put you in a much better position to gage the quality of your car.


It is possible to fly and drive almost anywhere in the US in a few hours and for $500 or less. A $500 investment could save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid buying an incorrect or inaccurately represented vehicle. You can become an “instant expert” in your particular vehicle by buying a “by the numbers” book or other reference book to help you know more about your dream car, its options, colors, engine, transmission and other interesting details. We always suggest our customers learn as much as they can about their dream car…and look at as many as you can so you can compare and recognize a good value when you find it.


If it just isn’t possible for you to take the time to visit the car yourself, there are many reputable professionals available to inspect and appraise your dream car for you. The cost varies from individual to individual, and travel is always extra. If you are able to find a qualified appraiser in the local area of the vehicle, the fee should be a few hundred dollars or less…..again a great way to protect yourself from a bad investment. Always ask for club affiliations and references, most appraisers are in business because the truly love old cars…not because of the money.

All vehicles purchased from California Car Company are provided with a complementary, objective 3rd party appraisal for insurance purposes. This is provided after the purchase and can be very helpful in acquiring insurance.

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