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So now you have found your dream car….how are you going to pay for it? At California Car Company, all deposits are non-refundable and are good for seven (7) days. A deposit will enable you to tie up your desired vehicle for seven (7) days while you seek financing or move funds around. We don’t encourage you to give us a deposit unless you are absolutely sure you have financing available. We don’t want to take our cars off the market, and we don’t want to keep your deposit.  There are many great compaines who will provide financing for classic cars.  One of the best in the business is J.J. Best Banc.  They are all classic car enthusiasts and know what cars are worth.  Some others are listed below:







For vehicle purchases we accept wire transfers, cashiers checks, personal checks, money orders, and cash. Cashiers checks and personal checks must clear the bank before a vehicle can be released. Cashier checks and personal checks must be in the exact amount of the purchase. We cannot accept checks for more than the amount required and provide a refund to you. Contrary to common belief, cashier checks are not the same as cash, they can be cancelled and there are fakes being made. Our bank will process any checks we receive to be sure funds are verified.


As soon as the funds are confirmed, your vehicle will be ready to pick up or be transported. If you are not a local buyer, your title and/or bill of sale and complementary appraisal will be sent to you via UPS overnight. Once you receive your paperwork, we suggest you insure your vehicle immediately.


Many first time collector car purchasers are unaware of the low cost of antique car insurance. Traditional new vehicle insurance firms cannot begin to match the low cost premiums of antique auto insurance companies. Firms offering this coverage have been in business many years and have excellent reputations. Most antique cars and trucks if driven 5000 miles or less and stored in a garage can be insured for $200 or less per year.


We always suggest you obtain coverage for a stated value slightly more than your purchase price. The complementary appraisal (which includes photographs) provided with our vehicles will list potential improvements that could enhance the value of your vehicle. This appraisal will effectively indicate to your insurance company that you might want to increase your coverage at a future date. We always review coverage on our own cars every year…as they appreciate we increase the stated value for each on our policy.


We will provide a list of several reputable antique auto insurance firms upon your request. You should always purchase coverage for your vehicle as soon as you have the title or bill of sale in your possession. It is rare but possible for your vehicle to be damaged or lost in transport….although all reputable transport companies are bonded and have their own insurance coverage for the vehicles they transport….it is much better to be safe than sorry.

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